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⟩ How often should I service my suspension?

Regular maintenance of your products will increase its performance and lifespan. It is recommended that your fork, shock or seat post receive a Full Factory Service every 125hrs or yearly - which ever comes first*

Suspension product will require more frequent servicing the harder they are worked. For those who ride lift-accessed DH, Park, or Extreme Freeride or in extremely wet/muddy or dry/dusty environmental conditions where trail debris is sprayed onto the fork or shock while on the trail, or e-mtb's, FOX encourages riders to perform maintenance earlier than recommended above as needed.

⟩ Is there an advantage to getting my fork serviced by FOX?

In-house FOX technicians are the only factory trained and authorized FOX suspension technicians in Australia. Moreover, all services include a full teardown and rebuild - ensuring that no seal or component is left unchecked.

⟩ Do I need to ship my product in? What if I'm local?

All customers are required to send their products in via the post. We cannot accept products that are dropped off

⟩ Where can I find a proper sized box for shipping?

Forks come in different sizes based on chassis and travel. We use a 36x10x6" to accommodate all fork sizes. 10x6x6" for all shocks and 24x6x6" for all dropper posts. Alternatively, you can ship your suspension in any box that fits your suspension parts that you feel comfortable shipping.

⟩ How do I remove my fork?

⟩ How do I remove my rear shock?

⟩ How do I remove my dropper post?

⟩ Can I have my local bike shop send in my suspension for me?

While we can't speak for your local bike shop, most shops are usually happy to help. Head over to your local bike shop, provide them with the details of your service request, and see if they will send it in for you. There's an online portal for your local bike shop to submit the request if you would rather let them take care of it, start to finish.

⟩ Do I need shipping insurance?

It's up to you. Most of the time, shipping is not a problem and we recommend checking with your shipping company to see if shipping insurance is included with your shipment choice.

⟩ Should I do something special with my fork/shock before sending it?

For Forks: Please clean the fork, remove all unnecessary items (ie: crown races, brake mounts, etc ).

For Dropper Posts: Please clean the post, remove all unnecessary items (ie: saddle,saddle clamp ).

For Rear Shocks: Please clean the shock, remove all unnecessary items (ie: frame hardware, reducers, springs, etc ).

⟩ Can I upgrade the components of my suspension when it is in for servicing?

You sure can… When submitting your service request you can add it into the notes section, then when the service team reaches back out to you to confirm you can chat logistics with us. Alternatively, you can reach out to us first:

⟩ Does FOX offer custom tuning, as well?

Dream about Kashima? Lusting over the latest dampers? Want color-matching custom decals? Not only do we provide the highest quality service, but we’re also always happy to upgrade and/or customize your suspension to suit your riding style and aesthetics.

Want to custom tune your suspension? Get in touch with us:

⟩ I hear, see, or feel something unusual - what should I do?

If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately and contact us for proper servicing.

⟩ How do I pay?

As soon as your product is ready to be shipped back, we will call you to get your credit card info for the payment. Alternatively, you can pay via bank transfer, but paying via credit card will get you back riding quicker


⟩ Is my Product Serviceable?

If you have questions concerning your suspension serviceability or you would like a more detailed estimate prior to sending your products in, please email a detailed description of the problem and pictures of your FOX suspension product to the email below:

Australia (02) 8379 0600


⟩ I want a status of 

Just contact us (02) 8379 0600