BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27
BOMBER Z2 Air 27


BOMBER Z2 Air 27

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Colour Way:Matte Black
Travel - Drop:100

When mountain bike suspension first hit the ground, things were simpler. The best bike was the one you were riding; uphill, downhill, quick laps or all-day epics. The Bomber Z2 revives this purist mindset with a smooth and plush mountain bike fork that’s ready to ride out of the box. Trail riders rejoice — your low maintenance, high durability solution is here, and it’s worthy of the name Bomber. Long live fun.     


Stiff 34mm chassis for precise steering and traction 

Low maintenance Rail Damper for intuitive compression adjustment 

Simple rebound adjustment for the set-and-forget rider 

Travel options from 140-150mm (27.5), 100-140mm (29) 

44mm rake with option of 51mm in 29 

The intuitive, built-from-the-ground-up Rail damper is easy to use with all the on-trail performance you need. A simple sweep adjuster can lock out for the climbs, open up for the descents and easily adjust to every type of terrain in between.

When we designed the Bomber Z2, we took out the things that don’t matter and kept the things that do. That means fewer clicky dials, but all the on-trail performance of a stiff chassis and butter-smooth damper, from top to bottom. 

The Bomber Z2 is built to get out the door and ride. No extensive setup procedure or inconvenient service schedules. Trail riding never felt this uncomplicated. Focus on what’s important — having fun on your bike.